Communities or local waste management organisations (Abfallverbände) are responsible for disposal of household refuse. Other kinds of waste (e.g. production waste material) must be disposed of at one’s own expense. A special procedure must be followed for hazardous waste.

It is compulsory to burn refuse but this may only be carried out in official incinerator plants.


Exhaust air and gases

Emissions from stationary plants must be within the limits given in the corresponding clean air legislation (Luftreinhalteverordnung, LRV).

Whoever intends to construct a plant must provide information about the kind and quantity of emissions expected, as well as the location, quantity, height and time period of the emissions (emission declaration).

Only type-tested equipment may be used in incinerator plants. These plants will be monitored regularly by the cantonal authorities.


Waste water

Waste water which does not correspond to the requirements for its release into the sewerage system must be treated beforehand. The canton issues regulations governing the treatment of waste water.

Environmental compatibility assessment

An environmental compatibility assessment must be carried out for various kinds of plant (e.g. large-scale industrial plants, large car-parks, large shopping centres). It is recommended to contact the community authorities and the cantonal office for nature and the environment early in the planning phase.

If you have further questions, please contact the cantonal office for business development or the office for nature and the environment directly. We will be happy to advise you.