Types of company

Once it has been decided to form a company, the question arises, what kind of company it should be. We provide support for future entrepreneurs with initial advice and a wide range of contacts to possible advisors and partners.

The most important legal forms are:

  • Public limited company 
    • Corporation 
    • Limited liability company
    • Comparison of corporation and limited company 


  • General partnership 
    • Proprietorship
    • Joint venture 
    • Partnership 
    • Limited Partnership 
    • Branch establishment 

The trade register provides legal security in business transactions. Legally relevant facts are registered and published. Liability and representation responsibilities are of particular importance.

Under the topic "Establishment (foundation) procedure" you will find a table showing preliminary clarifications, planning and implementation of your business.

Establishment (founding) procedure
If you have further questions please contact "Wirtschaftsförderung Graubünden" or the Grisons land registry and trade register offices of Canton Grisons. We will be pleased to help.