Accessibility features 

Keyboard shortcuts

On this website we have included different features to ensure that complete accessibility is possible:

  • standard compatibility XHTML and CSS
  • structured code
  • keyboard shortcuts

Using the keyboard shortcuts, important elements of this website can be accessed quickly and simply. Detailed information about use of shortcuts can be found on the W3C website regarding guidelines governing features allowing web content accessibility.

Available short cuts
This website provides shortcuts which follow the recommendations of the Swiss certification authorities.

Keys and shortcut targets

0: direct to start page
1: direct to navigation
2: direct to contents
3: direct to contact
4: direct to sitemap
5: direct to search

Examples of keyboard shortcuts in the most common browsers (check with your browser online help)

Internet Explorer 5+ (Windows):
Press and hold Alt, then press the given number key.

Firefox, 2.0 (Windows):
Press and hold the Alt and Shift keys and then press the given number key.

Larger font size

Changing the font size is an integral function of your browser. In addition to the selection of font size, current versions of most conventional browsers also offer a magnify function which proportionally enlarges the whole view. Magnification functions can also be found in the standard help programmes of the respective operating system.
Example: Magnify function in Internet Explorer 7+ (Windows)
Larger: Press and hold the Ctrl key and press the + key.
Smaller: Press and hold the Ctrl key and press the - key.

Outset situation

For blind and sight-impaired people, the internet is one of the most important discoveries of the last century. Reading a newspaper, consulting a catalogue or researching a reference are activities which were previously practically impossible without external help or only with very great difficulty. With the internet and the spread of a technology which translates the written into the spoken word, access is now available, or better said, could be available. The software used - so-called screen reader software - can only transmit text which has been legibly programmed for it. These conditions are satisfied in those areas of the Canton Grisons website which have been consistently programmed using the new system. Some parts of the website are still structured using the conventional, older technology. However, little by little, these will be completely transferred into the new content management system according to the accessibility regulations.

If, contrary to expectations, any content should prove inaccessible, please contact our web-support team: