Persons entering Switzerland from a state or territory with an increased risk of infection are obliged to place themselves under quarantine immediately after entering the country. This is an obligation and not a recommendation!

The list of states or territories from which entry is subject to quarantine can be found in the relevant Swiss ordinance (Ordinance on Measures to Combat the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in International Passenger Transport) and is updated on an ongoing basis.

Under Article 83 of the Swiss Federal Epidemics Act, anyone evading quarantine has committed a violation punishable by a fine of up to CHF 10,000 (para. 1 lit. h), in the case of negligence by a fine of up to CHF 5,000.

Further information on quarantine for persons arriving in Switzerland (Federal Office of Public Health)

Details on quarantine

The Swiss Federal Council has decided to take steps to prevent the further spread of the new, more contagious coronavirus strain. All persons who have entered Switzerland from Brazil, Canada, India, Nepal or South Africa since 14 December must go into quarantine for 10 days and present a negative PCR test after the 8th day. They are not allowed to leave their domicile or hotel room during this entire period.

The quarantine starts on the day of entry into Switzerland and ends at midnight of the 10th day (e.g. entry into Switzerland on 15 December, 10.35am -> quarantine ends 25 December, midnight).

Persons from Brazil, Canada, India, Nepal or South Africa who are subject to quarantine (in accordance with articles 2 and 3 of the Covid 19 Ordinance Measures in the Area of International Movement of Persons) must complete the full quarantine of 10 days. Afterwards, they are allowed to move freely again. 

Switzerland does not organise return travel. 

Premature termination of quarantine (also for return travel purposes) is generally not possible. Furthermore, anyone who evades quarantine is liable to prosecution.

FAQs (entry ban, flight restrictions, quarantine)

Testing after day 8

Due to the mutation of the COVID-19 virus, persons that entered Switzerland from Brazil, Canada, India, Nepal or South Africa require a negative test result towards the end of their quarantine period. Without this, the quarantine may not be terminated.

The test is carried out after the 8th day in the case of a symptom-free course of the quarantine. A PCR test is mandatory; rapid antigen tests are not accepted. The PCR test determines whether you have an infection with the new coronavirus within 24-48 hours by means of a nose and throat swab or throat swab. It must be carried out at an official Corona test centre (see below).

Please note that it is mandatory to schedule an appointment in advance.

Should you experience symptoms, please proceed to one of the above-mentioned test centres immediately.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Test Centres

The test can be done in almost any hospital or by any doctor. It is important that you call in advance and tell them that you have entered the country from a high-risk area and that you need to take a test for this reason.

If you live near a test centre, we recommend one of the centres listed below:


The Test Centre Northern Grisons is located at the Cantonal Hospital in Chur. In order to get tested, you need to register in advance by calling the COVID-19 hotline at the hospital: Tel. +41 81 256 72 07 (daily from 8am to 8pm). The test centre is located directly opposite the bus stop « Chur Kantonsspital » (line 4).

Cantonal Hospital Chur (Location on google maps)
Loëstrasse 170
7000 Chur

Tel. +41 81 256 72 07


Registration (only possible online) prior to your visit to the Upper Engadin Hospital in Samedan is mandatory. After registration, you will receive an appointment confirmation by e-mail including a questionnaire, which must be filled out and brought to the test appointment.

Upper Engadin Hospital (Location on google maps)
Via Nouva 3
7503 Samedan


A test at the COVID-19 test station in the Unterengadin health centre in Scuol will only be carried out on appointment (please call +41 81 861 10 00).

Unterengadin health centre (Location on google maps)
Via da l’Ospidal 280
7550 Scuol

Tel. +41 81 861 10 00

Obligation to report

Anyone entering Switzerland who is subject to a quarantine obligation must to report immediately to the competent cantonal authorities.


Reporting form

Do you have any of the following symptoms?

Duration of quarantine

On entry into Switzerland, the person concerned must immediately go into quarantine. Mandatory quarantine lasts for 10 days.

Behaviour during quarantine

Further information on behaviour in quarantine (Federal Office of Public Health)

Please report immediately to the registration office (see contacts below) for entry from abroad should you experience any symptoms of a possible infection with COVID-19 during quarantine, namely: 

  • Fever, feverish feeling
  • Sore throat
  • Cough (mostly dry)
  • Shortness of breath
  • Muscle pain
  • Sudden loss of sense of smell and/or taste

Or in rare cases:

  • Conjunctivitis
  • Headache
  • Gastrointestinal symptoms
  • Rhinitis


Infoline for people travelling to Switzerland:+41 58 464 44 88, from 6am to 11pm

Are you experiencing symptoms (breathing difficulties, cough, fever), want to enter Switzerland and have medical questions?

Coronavirus Infoline:

+41 58 463 00 00, 6am to 11pm

Cantonal reporting office for people experiencing symptoms:

+41 81 257 88 15, Mon - Fri 8am to 12.30pm and 1.30pm to 5pm