Private persons

Besides validating archive documents and making them available, the Cantonal Archives also provide an advisory service.

You can contact the Cantonal Archives at our premises, via E-Mail or by phone (+41(0)81 257 28 03) without any obligation.

We would be pleased to assist you with the different finding aids. We also offer advice with regard to Graubünden's history, genealogical studies and heraldry.

For a fee, we perform transcriptions and extensive searches on available resources.

Cantonal Administration

As the Cantonal Archives are defined as the centre of competence for document management, records management and also for the archiving of analogous and later digital records, the advisory services to the various offices and departments is of primary importance.

Advisory Services Community, District and Regional Archives

Advisory services to the community, district and regional authorities, as also to other public law institutions in the context of records management and archiving, are a further responsibility of the Cantonal Archives.

The Canton has been subdivided into 9 archive inspectorates for this purpose. Both the archive inspectors and the Cantonal Archives personnel provide information for the public offices and authorities on archiving issues (contact partners).

More in-depth information (decree, fact sheets, models) is available under the Documentation heading.