Different centres of competence

The history and culture of Graubünden is documented in a variety of different ways. This is why various institutions (museums, archives, libraries) have specialised in storing, validating and safeguarding objects of cultural value.

The Cantonal Archives is primarily a repository of documents generated by the cantonal administration and deemed worthy of protection. 

The Chur City Archives, in turn, secure, safeguard and process important documents and other source material for the city administration and its various departments, which are also available for scientific and private research.

Whereas the Cantonal Archives are principally responsible for official files and non-printed sources, the Cantonal Library collects printed and audiovisual media in relation to the Canton Graubünden. Further information on the different centres of competence can be found in the document "Centres of Competence GR". 

Intake of archive documents from the cantonal administration

The Cantonal Archives archive important documents of the cantonal administration. The archived documents are examined and prepared for archiving. Should you have any questions on deliveries to the Cantonal Archives, please do not hesitate to contact us on 081 257 28 03 (internal 2803) or via

Intake of archive documents from private persons / organisations

The Cantonal Archives acquires or obtains individual documents and entire archives or legacies in the form of donations or permanent deposits and make these available for research on the history of Graubünden and on regional culture. We will be pleased to answer your queries under the number 081 257 28 03 or at