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Cantonal Archives since 1803

The cantonal archives contain the contracts, records and archival books of the government, the cantonal administration, courts and parliament. Up until 2012, such documents have been archived mainly according to their pertinence or subject area.
Since 2012, however, incoming material is sorted and registered according to the provenance principle, i.e. according to its origin. But, as this material may also date back decades, in some instances it overlaps in time with material previously archived according to the pertinence principle (see above).
In addition to PDF search tools for individual fonds (see below), the archival information system also provides a search function across all holdings of the Archives of the Grisons.

Pertinence Archive (Entries 1803-2012)

Provenance Archive (Entries 2013 - present)

Archive inventories

DescriptionSignaturPDF Findmittel
Regierung des Kantons Graubünden: RegierungsprotokolleC1PDF
Amt für Energie: Wasserkraftwerke und Energielieferung
Amt für Raumplanung: Organisation und Betrieb, Grundlagen und Projekte Inhalt
Amt für Volksschule und Sport: Unterlagen aus dem gesamten Geschäftsbereich
Kantonspolizei: Fotosammlung Kriminaltechnische Dienste
Sozialamt: Unterlagen aus dem gesamten GeschäftsbereichC22PDF