Davos: Letter of acknowledgment concerning the attempted stroke against the transformer station.

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A letter of acknowledgment concerning the attempted stroke against the transformer station at Hertistrasse in Davos has been sent to the editorship of the „Sonntagsblick“ newspaper on Friday, March 3rd 2000. The police assumes, according to the present knowledge, that the commiter of the stroke and the author of the letter are identical. In the letter there are particularities that only the commiter could know. The ones who acknowledge the stroke express clearly that they are against the World Economic Forum in Davos.
According to the letter of acknowledgment it was intended to induce an interruption of electricity on the 27th of January at 1830 p.m. (beginning of the WEF) As already stated, there was at no time any real danger for the population. If the incendiary bomb had exploded, it would have touched most probably only the transformer station and its entry. Because of the solid construction of the transformer station the explosion wouldn’t have damaged anything else.The security of people was granted at any time.
If the transformer station had been completely out of order, five buildings nearby, among which the Kongresshotel, would have been out of current during some hours.The electric works of the region of Davos can use on such occasions a mobile transformer station.
Some other buildings would have been out of current at most during 15 minutes.
It is obvious , that the police can not permanently control all of the 160 transformer stations in Davos. As you couldn’t notice any change of the transformer station from the outside, the incendiary bomb was discovered only later on.
As stated previously, the police was told on the 25th of February 2000, that the transformer station Herti in Davos had been broken into by force. Unknown culprits had placed an incendiary bomb which didn’t explode. See also our press information on the 7th of March 2000.
There are no further acknowledged facts. For reasons of investigation we cannot give more indications at the present time.
Quelle: Kantonspolizei Graubünden
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