Davos: attempted stroke against transformer station

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It has been confirmed to several press organizations that the Cantonal Police of Graubünden have consulted specialists from Zürich and specialists of criminal investigations in order to clarify technical irregularities at the transformer station Herti in Davos.
They couldn't give any further indications, because at this time the situation was not clear and the investigation could not be endangered. Various organizations of press diffused false information talking about bombs and reduced security. State Authorities declared that the actual object was an incendiary bomb and didn't want to give any further information. In the meantime the Cantonal Police made further investigations which led to the following results: On the 25th of February 2000 the Cantonal Police was told, that the transformer station had been broken into by force and an unidentified object had been found. As is was at first assumed that it was a stroke by means of explosive, the Hertistrasse was blocked between 900 p.m. and midnight and the scientific investigation service of the city police in Zurich was consulted. It is now obvious, that unidentified persons have broken into the transformer station Herti at an uncertain moment and placed there an incendiary bomb. This could have damaged or put out of order the transformer station that provides parts of the environment with electricity. At worse this part of town would have been out of current. The house of congress would not have been touched by it. For reasons of investigation there can not be any further indication. The Cantonal Police investigates crimes against the common weal; especially article 221 of the penal law deals with attempted strokes by incendiary bomb. The penalty for such crimes is between 1 and 20 years of prison. The population has at no time been in danger. If the bomb would have exploded, only the transformer station and its entry would have been touched. Because of the solid constructure of the transformer station the explosion wouldn't have damaged the further evironment.
The Cantonal Police of Graubünden examines whether the attempted stroke was directed against the World Economic Forum (WEF) and whether there is any connection with the attempted interruption of current in January 1999. At that time it was attempted to cut the provision of electricity for Davos. A similar attempt at the provision of electricity has been made in Geneva by anti-WTO activists.

Quelle: Kantonspolizei Graubünden
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