World Economic Forum expresses concern over the day's events

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29 January 2000, Davos, Switzerland The World Economic Forum learned with regret that today a limited group of demonstrators chose violence over dialogue. We are saddened that two police officers have been hurt, and that damage has been inflicted to private property. We thank the Swiss authorities for their outstanding effort in trying to avoid confrontation and in minimizing the risk to the citizens of Davos and those visiting here.
One of the major objectives of this year's Annual Meeting is to explore how to deal with the societal and political impact of globalization. This was particularly highlighted in the speeches of President Clinton and Prime Minister Blair and will continue to be debated in the days to come. We will pursue our efforts to promote a constructive dialogue between government, business and civil society at our meetings here in Davos and throughout the year at our meetings worldwide.

Quelle: World Economic Forum
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