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Saturday’s approved demonstration by WEF critics in Davos took place in a peaceful manner. Some 80 people marched from the town hall in Davos-Platz along the agreed route to the train station in Davos-Platz. The peaceful demonstration started at 2:15 pm. On the Arkadenplatz, the demonstration made a previously approved pause to allow activists to make speeches critical of globalization. The demonstration concluded shortly after 4 pm.
On Saturday, persons and baggage were checked on all access routes to Davos. At the Landwassertal checkpoint, one foreigner was arrested for security reasons, as he was unable to identify himself. At a hotel in Davos, one Swiss citizen was stopped and questioned for suspicion of counterfeiting identification. Both persons were released subsequently.
No problems were reported at the Fideris checkpoint, where all trains from Landquart to Davos were stopped until 2 pm. Only one golf club was confiscated; all train passengers could proceed to Davos after security checks.
Activists critical of globalization presented a street performance shortly after 11 am. in Fideris on Saturday: Dressed as business people or politicians, they performed satire of events surrounding the WEF conventions. Police did not interfere.
There were no activities critical of the WEF in Chur or Landquart on Saturday, January 29, 2005.

Security forces deployment
As in previous years, the police of the Canton Grisons were able to count on the support of all cantonal police corps as well as the larger cities as part of an intercantonal police deployment. In addition, German border troops provided six water cannons and heavy equipment as well as the necessary staff, and the Principality of Liechtenstein deployed police forces.
This allowed for implementation of a security plan throughout Switzerland. Forecasts and developments of the situation in Basle resulted in a quick redeployment of support forces, water cannons and air surveillance in various phases to Basle, representing a serious challenge with regard to flexibility and logistics.

The WEF 2005 from a police standpoint
Markus Reinhardt, Police Commander for the Canton Grisons and head of all security forces, deemed the security deployment a success despite difficult conditions – long hours and very low temperatures. “From a police standpoint, the WEF 2005 was a new and thoroughly positive experience. I was impressed by the psychological and physical performance of all security forces in chilling weather. Every man and woman fulfilled their mission and can look back with pride.”
The Police Commander was particularly satisfied with the fact that the demonstrations in Chur (January 15, 2005: 300 participants) and in Davos (January 22, 2005: 40 participants, and January 29, 2005: 80 participants) as well as numerous activities were conducted in a peaceful manner. The low-key police presence allowed for implementing reasonable measures through dialog and de- escalation tactics.
In contrast to previous years, there were no serious incidents or property damage prior to and during the WEF 2005 in the Canton Grisons. Nevertheless, the WEF represented a considerable amount of work for the police: 161 foreign delegations required protection under international law, including 34 persons requiring permanent bodyguards. 43,710 entry checks were conducted at the entrances to the convention center.
“After considering the various levels of training, cooperation with the army and other partners worked well based on years of experience”, Commander Reinhardt declared. This included efforts by the Land Task Force (LTF), in particular surveillance and monitoring sensitive objects; by the Air Task Force (ATF) for air space security and transport; and by Logistics conducted in the background (setup, dismantling, connections, etc.).

Quelle: Cantonal police for the Canton Grisons

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