The legislative authority of the canton Grisons is the parliament known as the "Grosse Rat". This is made up of 120 members who are elected by voters in 39 voting districts in a proportional representation election system for a term of office of four years.
The cantonal parliament is structured in political fractions. At least five members of parliament must join together to create a fraction.
In the current legislation period (2022-2026) the parliament is made up of the following fractions: (status last election 15th May 2022)

Centre Party (Mitte)  34 members
Social Democratic Party (SP) 27 members
Liberal Democratic Party (FDP)  27 members
Swiss People's Party (SVP) 25 members
Liberal Green Party (GLP)   7 members



The cantonal parliament meets six times each year for a session which usually lasts for three days. The proceedings are open to the public and can be observed from public seats.
The cantonal constitution assigns the parliament with the following tasks, among others:

  • As legislative authority and with reservation regarding the powers of the electors it is the highest political power in the canton and the highest supervisory authority.

  • It handles and adopts all changes to the constitution and legislation.
  • Among others it elects the members of its agencies and commissions, the president of government and members of the cantonal and administrative courts.