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Opening hours

Opening hours
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 09.00-11.45
Wednesday 09.00-17.30
Friday 09.00-16.45

Exceptional closing times 2018

The Cantonal Archives will be closed as follows:

Because of revision work the archive will be closed from 28th of january to 31th of january 2018.

New Year Monday, 1st of january 2018
Berchtoldstag Tuesday, 2nd of january 2018
Easter From Friday 30th of march to Monday 2nd of april 2018
Ascesion Day Thursday, 10th of may 2018 and Friday, 11th of may 2018
Pentecost Monday, 21th of may 2018
National Day Wednesday, 1st of august 2018
Christmas From Monday, 24th of december 2018 to Wednesday 26th of december 2018
New Year's Eve Monday, 31th december 2018