State Archives of Graubünden

The State Archives are the archives of the Canton of the Grisons and its legal predecessors. In addition to the official records, a wealth of documents of private origin record the history of the canton.

By acquiring, storing, indexing and preserving archival holdings, especially those of the cantonal administration, the State Archives facilitate an understanding of past governmental activities. It provide authentic sources for historical research on the Grisons.
The holdings of the State Archives are open to the public and can be consulted free of charge, provided they are no longer subject to data protection restrictions.

Archive material from 800 years

The State Archives documents 800 years of history. The rich collections include documents, files, protocols, manuscripts, drawings, photos, printed matter and now, electronic data. Approximately 7000 linear metres of material is currently available and the collection continues to grow with each new acquisitions. The oldest document in the archives is a will dating from 1209.