Genealogy Fact Sheet

The Genealogy Fact Sheet provides an overview of the sources for genealogical research that can be viewed at the Cantonal Archives: this can be accessed under PDF.

Genealogical File Index

The Cantonal Archives created this index file comprising sources and references for genealogical research. The index is being continuously expanded and currently comprises:

  • 2'246 individual families
  • 7'763 entries (under individual families)

The genealogy file index is available under PDF. 

Parish registers, citizen and family records

The parish registers of all the communities in Canton Graubünden, known to the Cantonal Archives have been microfilmed and can be viewed at the Cantonal Archives. An overview of the parish registers available can be accessed under PDF. The parish registers were superseded by the civil registers and the citizen and genealogical records. The civil registers up to 1929 can be viewed in the Cantonal Archives reading room. The citizen records (-1929) have also been microfilmed and are available for viewing. Access to the family records (from 1929) is blocked.

Salis List of Names

The list of names for the Salis family was created on the basis of the Salis family tree drawn up by Anton von Sprecher, Chur, 1941 and can be accessed under PDF.