Archive Information System

Finding aids of the Cantonal Archive are completely online. The central research tool is the Archive Information System.

Finding Aids

Finding Aids allows a easy access to the archive records. All finding aids can be found as PDF on the website.

The records of the Cantonal Archives are divided into the following groups:

Information on content and time period covered by specific holdings is given with the individual groups.

Archives online

Since 2011 we are connected with Archives online. In Archives Online you can search the archival databases of all participating archives at the same time for a specific search phrase.  

Searches in the reference library

In the reference library of the Cantonal Archives you can find the most important media for studying the history of Graubünden and for genealogical research along with source and reference books.
The reference library is situated in the reading room. Media can be located via the card index and the Library Catalogue.

Media from the reference library may only be consulted in the reading room and cannot be borrowed.