This site provides instructions on how to access and use records at the State Archives of the Grisons.

Terms of use and schedule of fees

The State Archives of the Grisons are freely accessible to the general public. Details of the terms of use can be found here: Terms of Use (German). Visitors are welcome to work in the reading room during opening hours free of charge. Please consult our Schedule of Fees (German) for information on fees for other specific services.

Using the library

The reference library is located in the reading room. It is indexed by card catalogue and by the Union Catalogue BGR. It includes important publications about the Grisons and other aspects of Swiss history as well as primary source editions and reference works. Media from the reference library may only be consulted in the reading room; they are not available for loan.

Ordering and referencing records

Records that are not subject to a data protection blocking period can be pre-ordered for examination in the reading room via, or ordered directly on-site during visiting hours. Archival records are not available for loan. Referencing cantonal records in publications must be in accordance with this Leaflet on Citations (German).

Using microfilm

The State Archives of the Grisons provide free use of two microfilm reading devices. Please make a reservation to use the reading devices via or +41 81 257 2803.


The preservation of delicate historical records demands careful handling. This Leaflet on Reproductions (German) contains the most important information on the copying and digital reproduction of records. Reproductions such as photocopies, scans, digital photographs and microfilms are only possible with the consent of the staff and are subject to the data protection blocking periods specified for the records in question. Archival records and old prints may be photocopied or reproduced exclusively by the staff of the State Archives. Photocopies from books in the reference library may be made directly by visitors. To order reproductions, please complete this order form. The archive administration reserves the right to prohibit the reproduction of vulnerable archival records.