The terms of use for the Cantonal Archives Graubünden are stated in the following. The chapter Searches tells you which archive items can be found in the Cantonal Archives.

Terms of use and pricing

The Cantonal Archives Graubünden are open to all. Their use is regulated by the Terms of use Terms of use. The reading room is available to users free of charge at opening hours. Price information for services of the Cantonal Archives is given in the List of fees

Reference Library

The reference library is located in the reading room and can be consulted via the hard copy catalogue and the online-catalog. Books in the reference library cannot be lent to private individuals.

Order and view archive documents

Archive documents that are not subject to any access limit may be ordered in advance ( They may not be lent out.

Use of microfilm readers

Two microfilm readers are available in the Cantonal Archives. Access to these must be reserved in advance either by telephone 081 257 28 03 or at

Using the readers is subject to a fee.


The making of photocopies, analogue and digital photographs and microfilms as also the scanning of documents is possible subject to observance of the access limits set for the archive documents. Users may make copies from books in the reference library themselves. Photocopies of archive documents are made by the Cantonal Archives personnel. The archive administration may refuse reproduction of fragile archive documents. Photographing archive items is always subject to authorisation by the personnel. Please use our Order Form for Reproductions of Archival Records.

We should be glad to help if you have any problems (contact).