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Magdalena Martullo / Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of the EMS Group

«The employees are the main reason for EMS' worldwide competitiveness, despite the high production costs, difficult logistical conditions and the lack of raw materials in Switzerland. Innovation is the key for the worldwide success of EMS - and this innovation is made up by our employees, who are able to think and act unconventionally, who are willing to take over responsibility. With those qualities combined with a superior level of education and a high loyalty our employees build the foundation of our success. Furthermore the high standard of living in the beautiful region of Graubünden as well as the attractive Swiss fiscal system allow EMS to attract and keep specialists from all around Switzerland as well as from neighbouring countries.»

Company portrait

The EMS Group, headquartered in Domat/Ems (GR), operates globally in the business areas Performance Polymers and Fine Chemicals/Engineering. EMS runs 24 production sites in 14 different countries and has more than 2,000 employees worldwide, whereof more than 1,000 persons and additionally 140 apprentices are working in Domat/Ems. EMS is the largest private employer and tax payer of the canton Graubünden.


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