Arbeitsmarkt und Talente

Thanks to good framework conditions, more and more companies are relocating in the Grisons and expanding successfully. In knowledge-based industries, access to skilled workers is a decisive factor. In the natural metropolis of the Grisons, workers from near and far find new challenges and an exceptional quality of life.

Liberal labour market with legal security and stability

Legal certainty and stability coupled with low levels of regulation and lean bureaucracy make the Grisons an attractive location providing room to grow. Switzerland's liberal labour laws allow employers and employees to freely agree on employment contracts to a large extent. In some industries, collective or standard employment contracts regulate employment. The Swiss social security system offers employees extensive protection. This makes the Grisons attractive for both companies and employees.

Since the bilateral agreements came into force, workers from the EU/EFTA area have direct access to the Grisons' labour market. Even third-country nationals can be recruited with the appropriate permits.

Top universities as talent pools

More than 108,000 future qualified professionals study in the catchment area of an hour's drive from the Grisons in Switzerland and its neighbouring countries. Under Education and R&D you can learn more about this unique talent pool.

Dual education system as advantage

In addition to university education, the dual education system in the fields of industry, handcraft trades and services offers direct, vocational and practical training. Basic vocational training imparts the skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to practice a profession. Two-thirds of young people in Switzerland receive a solid professional foundation through basic vocational education. After completing vocational education and training, they form the qualified basis for a globally outstanding workforce.

The Grisons' trump card: High quality of life

When competing for well-educated workers, recreational offerings and quality of life are gaining in importance in addition to the job profile and career prospects. The natural metropolis Grisons, with its unique offerings and characteristics, has a decisive influence on the decision to opt for the Grisons. Learn more about living and working in the Grisons.