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Innovations from the Grisons are called LabElite I.D. Reader, Grivory G5V or Twinlevel Interface. They are decisive drivers of economic success in Switzerland's largest canton. Federal and cantonal government create optimal framework conditions and specifically promote development of future-oriented products – providing benefits for both the company and the location.

Grisons' innovation strategy

With the innovation strategy Grisons 2028, the canton promotes innovation in research and industry. The innovation strategy describes which framework conditions, measures and instruments are to be created for this purpose in order to achieve medium and long-term cantonal economic policy goals thanks to innovation.

The target image of innovative strategy in the Grisons 2028, approved by cantonal government, describes in a model way the main stakeholders in the innovation strategy and their cooperation in the following three sub-areas:

  • An innovation environment for private enterprise with the cantonal innovation policy initiatives
  •  Davos as a research location, with two research centres having flagship qualities, strengthen the research landscape and successfully occupy national and international niches
  •  An integrated university center with a long-term focus profile and combining education and applied research, closely connected to industry.

Company promotion of innovation

Based on legislation governing economic development and taxes, the Canton Grisons can promote innovative projects from export-oriented companies which can be expected to achieve sustainable commercialization and...

  • through which new innovative products or service offers are created
  • new jobs are created
  • competitiveness and added value are increased
  • there is a supra-regional sales market for the products.

In the process, the Canton Grisons relies on the following promotion instruments:

  • financial contributions, loans and guarantees
  • tax relief (possible in certain areas for cantonal, municipal and federal taxes)

The national innovation promotion agency Innosuisse provides funding for joint innovation projects between companies and research institutes.

Promotion of digital transformation

Active promotion of digital transformation is ensured by law in the Grisons and was put into effect by the government on January 1, 2021. Applications for financial support for digitization projects can be submitted to the association Verein GRdigital using an online form. The association reviews and evaluates applications and makes a recommendation to the government regarding promotion measures.