No deadline possible

Experience shows that in June and December a large number of company restructurings are filed for entry in the commercial register. This regularly leads to a backlog in processing. For years, the months of June and December have been particularly popular for the implementation of restructurings. Be it a sole proprietorship that is to be incorporated into a newly founded limited liability company or public limited company, be it the merger of two group subsidiaries or even spin-offs or conversions. The Land Registry Inspectorate and Commercial Registry receive an above-average number of registration transactions during these months, some of which are very complex.
Normally, we announce a cut-off date for the end-of-year business. Due to the extraordinary circumstances because of the Corona virus, we cannot give a cut-off date this year. Nobody knows how the situation will develop and what measures will be ordered. It would also be impossible to meet a deadline if several employees were to fall ill or be sent into quarantine. We recommend that business that must be registered by the end of December 2021 be submitted to our office at least four weeks before the end of the year.