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Horn und Koessel

Gerhard Horn & Oliver Koessel / Executive Management

«We are right in the middle of building and expanding our competence centre for lineal rack assembly systems of the WITTENSTEIN Group, specialised in electromechanical servo-drive systems. The good availability of expert workers at production level, the active quality understanding of local employees and the significantly higher annual working hours, provide advantages compared to other European locations. The exemplary support provided by the local authorities plays an important role in our successful development, whether as rapid handling of work permits, the incentive to create new work places, location development or the offer of advantageous finance solutions from the Canton Grisons. This is supplemented by a reliable team of committed employees, the uniquely beautifully situated industrial site in the Prättigau valley and the friendly, likeable location inhabitants. These are the main reasons for our wellbeing in the Grisons.»

Company portrait

The WITTENSTEIN AG in Grüsch is an independent subsidiary of the WITTENSTEIN Group; found everywhere where extremely precisely drive, steering and control systems are needed. At Grüsch, we produce high-quality drive gear components and inspire companies in Switzerland to implement WITTENSTEIN solutions. High-tech products from WITTENSTEIN travel into space and win Formula 1 races. Around 2000 employees develop, produce and sell intelligent drive systems – from the smallest high-performance servo drive in the world to high-tech medical technology. We set standards with enthusiasm and passion, every day, worldwide.

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