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Mariella Nobili / Administrative Director

«In 1999, Fabrizio Nobili decided to relocate his company, NDW, to Switzerland. Indeed, the label “Made in Switzerland” ensures high added value for quality products. He chose San Vittore as location as the Canton Grisons provided support throughout the whole relocation process. For example, San Vittore offers advantageous conditions with regard to energy and land prices. Compared to other countries, Switzerland offers a stable environment, legislation is not changed as often as in Italy for example, and the system is comprehensible and non-bureaucratic.»

Company portrait

Neue Duschenwelt (NDW) combines innovation and creativity with the famous Swiss precision. The company started with 7 workers and today has a workforce of 35 employees. At the end of 2016, a further plot of land was purchased in order to expand the production area.

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