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Alfred Lingg / CEO

«When my brother Erwin started our company in 1998, he looked for a production location which was competitive with low-wage countries while providing legal stability. One primary reason for choosing the Grisons was the label "Swiss Made", which is recognized worldwide. The more distant our sales markets are, the more important the Swiss origin becomes, especially for high-tech products. The goal of our company is to be among the three or four leading suppliers in the field of innovative product development worldwide, offering quality, flexibility and customer orientation.»

Company portrait

LICO, founded in 1998, has developed from modest beginnings to become a successful, modern and globally active production company. Thanks to continuous further development of the production systems, LICO is now one of the leading companies in this field, above all with regard to quality, flexibility, innovation and reliability. Dynamic investment has been carried out over the last 10 years and LICO currently has a work force of 100 motivated employees. Innovation is ensured as ideas are not just generated, but also realized.


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