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Innovation is a prerequisite for international companies to achieve success and remain successful in future.

This is why innovative projects or service offers from export-oriented companies in the Grisons are promoted wherever possible. Based on our economic development and tax laws we can provide support for your project, for example with contributions, loans or tax relief.

Promotion opportunities for innovative companies 

Support can be provided for:

Innovative projects from export-oriented companies where it can be assumed that a sustained commercialisation can be expected and…

  • from which new, innovative products or service offers are created
  • new work places can be created
  • competitiveness and added value can be created
  • where an intra-regional sales market for products exists.

Economic promotional tools

  • financial contributions and loans for innovative projects
  • security for loans and credit
  • tax relief 1)
  • Innosuisse – Swiss Innovation Agency: Subsidies and know-how transfer (WTT)

1) in defined areas, tax relief at cantonal, community and federal level is possible