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Small burden for high values
Small burden
for high values

The tax system of the Grisons is tailored to meet the requirements of the economy, includes attractive tax rates, a generous depreciation practice and offers export-oriented and innovative companies the possibility of tax relief for cantonal and federal taxes.

The tax rate for regularly taxed companies is 14.73 % (in percent of net income before tax). The tax rate is 7.83 % (in percent of net income before tax) in case of a 100 % tax relief at cantonal level. The tax burden for private persons is also very moderate in national and international comparisons – the Grisons is among the leaders here.

Tax and tax calculator for the Grisons

Tax advantages

  • Preliminary tax rulings are possible on the type and manner of taxation
  • Tax relief at cantonal level up to 100 % for a period of up to 10 years: Possible for new companies or if company activities are significantly changed
  • Tax relief at federal level: Possible when certain legal requirements are fulfilled
  • Immediate depreciation of up to 100 % can be claimed in the year of acquisition or founding and in the following year.
  • Relief of the double economic burden: Private persons domiciled in the canton and with a participation of at least 10 % of capital in a public (AG) or private limited company (GmbH) or cooperative society, profit from partial taxation of earnings from these participations
  • Taxation according to expenditure and living costs: Foreigners who live in Switzerland and are subject to taxes without limitations can, under certain circumstances, apply for lump-sum taxation.
  • Inheritance tax: No inheritance tax is imposed on an estate for spouses or direct offspring.

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