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Elmar Morscher / CEO

«INTEGRA Biosciences AG is located in the Grisons Rhine Valley because this is the region where the three company founders started their professional careers. In 1988 we founded an engineering company together in the field of life sciences. An open and uncomplicated cooperation with cantonal authorities has allowed further expansion with relocation of sales and production to be rapidly achieved. The high quality of life, excellent further education opportunities in the region and good accessibility of the agglomerations and the airport make the Grisons Rhine Valley a very attractive location for our highly-qualified employees.»

Company portrait

INTEGRA Biosciences develops, produces and sells innovative laboratory devices and systems for medical diagnostics in the pharmaceutical, bio-tech and food industries. These products are sold direct through its own sales companies in the USA, Germany, France, Great Britain and China. Currently, 80 people are working at company headquarters at Zizers in the areas of development, marketing, sales, administration and production. The company employs a work force of 280 people worldwide.
In 2009, INTEGRA – with 45 employees at that time – relocated into its own new company buildings in the Tardisland Industrial Zone where expansion continued and a second extension phase was started. The development and marketing departments will expand strongly with new personnel and the production area will be substantially increased. The current floor space will be nearly doubled, creating work places for a total of 140 employees.


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