Employment market and labour laws

Starting point for worldwide exports
Starting point for
worldwide exports

The Grisons has a central location on the Stuttgart/Munich-Milan axis. We are integrated in a market with more than 510 million people and we export products throughout the world.

Many of the highest qualified experts work in Switzerland; this is due also to the fact that we can decide ourselves under which conditions we want to live and work. The EFTA convention, free trade agreement with the EU and more than 28 free trade agreements with 38 countries throughout the world, form the basis for the stability, high purchasing power and unique quality of life in Switzerland and the Grisons.

Employment market and labour law

Switzerland is better than Europe

  • The Swiss economy is one of the most productive employment markets in the world.
  • Our free trade policy creates optimum framework conditions for access to the EU, America and Asia.
  • 58% of exports from the Grisons are destined for the EU region (CH = 54%).
  • Legal security, stability, low bureaucratic outlay, a low degree of regulation and high spending power create the ideal environment for companies.
  • Foreigners in the Grisons are awarded work and residential permits in an uncomplicated procedure.

Swiss law is more liberal

  • Under Swiss labour-market laws, employers and employees have great autonomy to agree on conditions of employment themselves.
  • No legal regulations governing minimum or maximum wages exist in Switzerland. Wage levels are agreed on according to local and segment rates as well as any existing trade-specific general or standard work contracts.
  • The Swiss social insurance system provides extensive protection against risks with financial consequences.