Teamwork made in the Grisons
made in the Grisons

Switzerland is one of the most competitive countries in the world. The productivity of the Grisons is one of the highest. We count on reliable and long-term connections.

Between people and companies; companies and institutes. We prefer durable facts which make decisions in new terrain calculable. We will reliably accompany you until you achieve your goals.

One-stop-shop for relocation and expansion

Information and planning

We provide you with an overview, the information and the important contacts. You gain decision reliability; here online or personally.

The Grisons advantages: All the important facts about the business location
Industrial zones: Which areas you can make use of from tomorrow
Promotional tools: How we promote your project
Talent, education, research: How you will find the talents for your company.
Employment market and labour laws: Why we are the most competitive country in the world.
Taxes: Which taxes you can expect to pay.

Evaluation of location, infrastructure and investment

We know the industrial areas where your company can become real tomorrow. We provide you with contacts who know how innovation made in the Grisons works and banks which finance new projects.

  • Catalogue the requirements of the company
  • Types of company
  • Presentation locations and viewing them
  • Partners for financing and insurance
  • Networking with existing companies and institutions based locally
  • Promotion of innovations

Realising relocation and expansion projects

We coordinate relocation and expansion plans with all project partners throughout the whole procedure. We also talk about taxes and can offer support and solutions for:

  • applications for funding
  • purchasing land and real estate
  • work and residential permits
  • questions regarding labour legislation
  • networking with research institutes in the Grisons

We are here for you

We accompany your relocation or expansions project from the first idea up to start of operations. Our services to you are free of charge. On site, in person or online.